Why Curtin Singapore?

Ranked in the top 1 per cent of universities worldwide
*Academic Ranking of World Universities 2019

Fast track programs through trimester academic year

Flexible transfer option between Singapore and Perth Campuses

Smaller class sizes of not more than 80 students to ensure a supportive learning environment for all students

The Bachelor of Commerce is Curtin Business School’s principal course and an internationally recognised business degree qualification.

The Bachelor of Commerce course offers a large and comprehensive range of business specialisations and aims to give you transferable skills and knowledge in verbal and interpersonal communication, critical thinking and problem-solving, negotiation and time management.

The course comprises eight common core units; seven of these are completed in your first academic year of study. You will complete the final common core unit, business capstone, in your final year, which gives you the opportunity to take part in a competition to run the most successful virtual company. You can choose to study one area of specialisation (a single major) or two (a major combination). Either way, your degree will take the same amount of time to complete and you will graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce degree awarded by Curtin University.

Communication professionals are multi-talented experts who can communicate information across the media and corporate landscape to a large number of people.

This wide-spanning and flexible degree will provide you with key technological skills and knowledge, as well as an understanding of the issues and debates that concern media, communication and information in the world today.

The core units will give you an insight into a range of media issues and communication contexts, teaching you the technical skills for your professional ambitions and also the flexibility and critical awareness that comes with a broader intellectual understanding of media and corporate communications. You also have four electives which you can use to extend your studies or broaden your skills by selecting units from other disciplines. All the disciplines have a strong connection with professional practice and feature opportunities to apply your practical skills and understandings. Students from different areas of study are encouraged to work together as they progress through the program on projects that reflect the nature of the evolving media, mass communication and creative industries and how they interact with the corporate and business communities.

Specialise in identifying and managing workplace risks to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

This course prepares you for a diverse career in the expanding area of occupational health and safety. You will learn how to create, maintain and manage a safe and healthy workplace, and develop professional skills in critical thinking, information literacy and technology. You’ll learn how to identify and manage risks and hazards, participate effectively in decision-making processes and improve health and safety to prevent injuries and illness in the workplace.

What you’ll learn

  • Apply and integrate knowledge and practice of environmental and occupational health to enhance the safety and well-being of populations
  • Apply logical and rational processes to critically analyse issues relevant to Environmental and Occupational Health and think creatively in the generation of solutions to problems
  • Access, evaluate and synthesise relevant information and evidence from the range of resources applicable to practice
  • Communicate effectively with a range of people including community groups, workers, employers, statutory authorities and their representatives and other professionals
  • Use scientific methods and technologies with an understanding of their advantages and limitations
  • Demonstrate ability for self-directed and lifelong learning through self-accepted responsibility
  • Recognise and apply international standards and perspectives within environmental and occupational settings
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of cultural diversity including the impact of cultural and social factors
  • Demonstrate professionalism and capacity for leadership and be able to work independently, collaboratively and ethically

Curtin University’s Master of International Business was ranked as the top 5 International Management program in Australia by the prestigious Eduniversal Masters Ranking in 2019.

The Curtin University Master of International Business program focuses on strategy, management, decision-making and business in the Asia-Pacific region, providing graduates with the skills and knowledge needed for a successful top level managerial career in global business.

MIB builds a solid basis and in-depth knowledge to manage international companies and their operations. MIB study also helps graduates to better manage people in domestic but multicultural environments.

Students study strategic management, focusing on alliances, partnerships and networks in a global environment.

Curtin University’s Master of Supply Chain Management was ranked as the top 3 Supply Chain and Logistics program in Australia by the prestigious Eduniversal Masters Ranking in 2019.

This course involves advanced study in management and operation of global business, transportation, physical distribution, procurement, warehousing and inventory.

You will also examine material and inventory management, purchasing, manufacturing, location modelling, retailing and information system linkages for government and private industries on a national and global basis.

You will gain expert, insider knowledge from logistics professionals and undertake real-life practical assignments and case studies.

Your learning will be capped off by an individual research project which you will complete under the guidance of our experienced staff.

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