Lakehead University, an active and forward-thinking institution in Ontario, Canada. The university provides a transformative education that celebrates all of its students as valued leaders of tomorrow. It is known worldwide for providing an exceptional learner-centred experience.

With two of its campuses, in Thunder Bay and Orillia, the university holds a blend of academic excellence with a good variety of social and recreational activities. 

Students can choose of almost 60 different undergraduate academic areas to study. Lakehead University is partnered with Georgian College. The university offers four innovative degrees along with diploma programs at its campus in Barrie, Ontario.

According to the Times Higher Education overall world rankings, Lakehead University is the top-ranking Canadian University.


Why Choose Lakehead University?

  • In Ontario, Lakehead students are in the top 3 for job readiness. With a standard employment rate of 94% two years after graduation, Lakehead graduates are career-ready.


  • The University has smaller class sizes which allow you to have a personalized university experience and be more engaged in your studies. At Lakehead, 90% of the classes have lesser than 60 students, and 60% of our classes have lesser than 30.

Rankings and reviews World Ranking

Lakehead University holds top 10 according to Maclean’s 2020 University Rank.

What to study?

  • Lakehead University offers 57 undergraduate, 30 graduate and doctoral programs through nine faculties. 
  • Some of the popular courses include Health and Medicine, Science, Humanities, Social studies, Education, Engineering, Computer Science and Business Administration.

School Faculties

Lakehead University has nine main faculties for undergraduates to explore, where they will find the perfect degree program for them. 

  • Health and Behavioural Science

  • Medical School

  • Science and Environmental Sciences

  • Education

  • Engineering

  • Social Sciences and Humanities

  • Business Administration


Lakehead University offers liberal scholarship programs to the students. By giving this extra financial support, Lakehead makes it convenient for students to focus on their studies.

International Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship 2020-2021

The university offers international students a scholarship of up to CAD 30,000 towards their tuition fees. 

Non-Canadian applicants who are applying from high school or equivalent will also be considered for the scholarship. The amount of scholarship available depends on the student’s academic average:

Academic Average 

(Canadian Equivalent) 

90% & Above CAD 30,000 (CAD 7,500 over 4 years)
80% – 89.9% CAD 20,000 (CAD 5,000 over 4 years)
75% – 79.9% CAD 4,000 (CAD 4,000 for the 1st year only)


So, study at Lakehead University to get an international experience which will give students the competitive edge when finding employment after graduating.

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