Since its founding, AECC Global’s principle of ethical, unbiased and
honest guidance has helped 25,000+ aspiring students in achieving their dream education.

Take a look below for testimonials about our student’s experiences and how we
helped them achieve their goals of living and studying in Australia.

"Thank you Mr Mun Yeu and team for being patient and friendly in helping me getting my student visa."

Yee Haow Khoo, Klang Valley, Student

"Over the years, UWA has continued to receive an incredible about of support from the AECC Global team which consists of a team that is experienced, friendly and amazing in many ways. AECC's love and care attitude and approach towards their students has no only won the trust of the students but ours as well which has led to our overwhelmingly positive relationship. Thank you AECC Global."

Isabella Wee, Regional Manager (Malaysia & Brunei), The University of Western Australia

"Mr Lai from AECC global was very helpful and patient throughout my whole visa application process. He walked me through every step, ensuring all necessary documents were submitted. He even monitored the status of the visa application after submission. Highly recommend this place for visa application. "

Tieh Mei Ting, Klang Valley, Student

"It was great working with the education counsellor from AECC. They are very efficient and helpful for any requested information. Their service makes the process much easier and less stressful. AECC is highly recommended! Thank you for the support and guidance."

Pee Hui Han, Klang Valley, Student

"I would highly recommend going to AECC global if you’re thinking of studying overseas. Mun Yeu helped me from the beginning of my university application till the end of my NZ visa process."

Deekshita Sathish, Klang Valley, Student

"Exceptionally helpful, guiding you through the process, recommended for sure."

Chen Jo Yee, Klang Valley, Student

"I highly recommend aecc to those who want to study abroad. Mr Mun Yeu was super helpful for my study visa application. It was a smooth process 👍 "

Nurain Fasihah, Klang Valley, Student

"They achieved what I thought was the impossible, and in record time to boot! Mun yeu is the most efficient and hardest working person I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Explanations provided were always clear and concise, with care and thought given to saving you a dollar here and there. If you're looking for a study agent, look no further. They're simply the best! Through them, my Australian study Visa subclass 500 was prepared and processed in record time!"

Robert Say, Klang Valley, Student

"Great agency, the agents that helped me was really helpful and friendly. I'd recommend this agency to anyone who wants to study abroad!"

Lim Zhet Wien, Klang Valley, Student

"My agent, Lai Mun Yeu from AECC Global has been very helpful with all my documents and submission to the immigration of Australia and to UTS: Insearch. Getting a reply from him via WhatsApp is almost very instantaneous even when he has an off day or holiday. I would highly recommend him to be your agent as well if you're going overseas for higher studies. He is very friendly and very kind to all the students. The other reason why I would recommend AECC would be for their WhatsApp messaging system as direct call rates and messages are very expensive. When I applied for my higher studies, I didn't even need to travel to Malaysia to submit my documents or anything at all."

Abrar Hossain, Brunei, Student

"very good service and great advices from Ms Kylie! highly recommended 👍🏻☺️ "

Eunice Tan, Klang Valley, Student

"Kaplan Australia Pathways has been working with AECC for a long duration. The working relationship has extended to Malaysia branch since their opening in 2018. AECC Malaysia counsellors are well experienced and they always deliver professional advice and services for our students and parents. The counsellors are very proactive, they always stay in touch with our team to ensure themselves are equipped with the updated information. AECC has recruited a few students who eventually became the top achievers in our Pathways program and continue pursuing their dreams at our partner Universities "

Tracy Lee, Student Recruitment Manager (Indochina exclude Vietnam) Kaplan International Pathways

"Agents were very effective and helpful and friendly. They were very responsive and attentive to my problems and my visa applications were fast. Got my visa in less than a week."

Wei Chean, Klang Valley, Student

"AECC Global has been very helpful in assisting me to study in Australia . The service is very good and they are very experienced with helping students study abroad .They always checked in with me and made sure everything was going fine, anything that I was not sure I could ask them and they would get back to me quickly . Even with my visa application they guided me step by step. Overall I'm very happy with my decision in coming to aecc global :)"

Sylvia Ng, Klang Valley, Student

"Highly recommended!!! Ms Kylie Tan has helped me alot. If it wasn't for her, I would have a very hard time applying for my Australian student visa. Very friendly and helpful service. Prompt response from her even during weekends and public holidays. Kudos to AECC!"

Karmen Yap, Klang Valley, Student

"AECC Global is very efficient and reliable. We were guided every step of the way until the visa was approved. Thank you very much Kylie for your patience and follow up, even on Sundays and when you were on leave!"

Alice Chang, Klang Valley, Student

"AECC Global was very helpful with my visa application. Special thanks to Mr Lai Mun Yeu for replying to my messages at all times and was very efficient too. Highly recommended to those that are looking for an agency to apply their visas."

Jolene Mok, Johor Bahru, Student

"I would definitely recommend going through this agency to assist you in your applications to universities abroad! The whole experience was a pleasant journey for me. The staff are very professional, they really know what they're doing, so I never hesitated to ask them questions about my application. They are very kind, hospitable and extremely patient, so any obstacle you may face, they will have a solution. My agent helped with sending documents to the university, guided me through the student visa application, and set up for my accommodation. I suggest applying through this agency because they are very credible and they will do their utmost best to ensure you get into the university of your choice. Do drop by at their office any time because their consultations are also free. Good luck!"

Maliha Mim, Klang Valley, Student

"AECC Global was exceptionally efficient and had a very professional conduct. I want to express my gratitude especially to Ms. Tan Mei Pei for helping me throughout my whole visa process and my visa was granted literally in three days after she created my Immi account! Their service is very good and I would highly recommend it. C="

Jolene Xu, Seremban, Student

"I highly recommend aecc. Ms Mei Pei Tan helped with my Australian visa. She made sure everything went very smoothly and was very nice. I would have had a hard time if not for her. She also answered all my questions and regularly checked on the progress as well. Definitely recommended."

Aishath Hanaan, Klang Valley, Student

"Miss Tan Mei Pei was a tremendous help in my application to the university as well as for an australian visa. She was very patient and provided detailed guidance which made the process very smooth. Very grateful for everything & would recommend her services to anyone looking to study in Australia 👍🏻"

Samantha Leow, Klang Valley, Student

"Very reliable and efficient. Ms Tan Mei Pei helped me throughout the process and ensured that I had all the documents. Helped me prepare everything and submit my visa in a short amount of time. Would not have been able to do it all by myself in such a timeframe. Highly recommended 👍🏻"

Lam’aan Latheef , Maldives, Student

"Great and efficient service by AECC and special shout out to Mun Yue whom have helped me from Day 1 till the day I got my visa. Answering all my questions even after working hours and helping me with the applications to different unis and solving my accommodation problems. Highly recommended!"

Danica Gan, Klang Valley, Student

"AECC Global is really efficient. Special thanks to Ms Tan Mei Pei for helping me throughout the whole process of visa application!"

Finnie Ong, Klang Valley, Student

"Would definitely recommend AECC Global for those who are seeking to apply for a visa. Miss Mei Pei was such a great help and guided the entire process of application so seamlessly!"

Jia Hui Heng, Klang Valley, Student

"Excellent service! Very efficient, friendly and much patience!"

Akiko Qii, Klang Valley, Student

"I highly recommend going through AECC Global for those who seek to study abroad. In addition they also provide services such as Health cover, retrieving documents, applying for the visa and all that for free of charge! Kylie Tan, whom assisted me with the process is amazing as she quick on response and easy to communicate with. This may sound unbelievable but she even keep me up to date during Hari Raya, it is definitely a commitment within their service."

Ng Tar, Klang Valley, Student

"I highly recommend aecc. Special thanks to Ms Mei Pei Tan who helped with my application .she was very friendly, helpful,and kind.She made sure everything went very smoothly. I would have had a hard time if not for her. she always checked in with me and made sure eveything was going fine. Overall I'm very happy with my decision in coming to aecc global . Thank you so much for the good services!"

Farah Alya, Pahang, Student

"I highly recommend you to go under AECC to help in every aspect of choosing, applying and going to university. From the start of choosing universities to the completion of my visa, my agent, Mun Yeu, was fast and clear in answering whatever questions I had about a certain university, a certain course, my university application or my visa application. He even responded after working hours. The agents in AECC are hard workers and are extremely efficient. You can tell they genuinely do care for you and your university and visa applications, and they do their best to ensure that no problems will arise throughout the entire process. For me personally, there were no problems at all that had occured throughout my time under them. "

Tze Liang, Klang Valley, Student

"Mr. Lai is very helpful and responsive to emails. He has guided me well through the whole visa application process. Don't think I will get everything done so quickly and smoothly without his help, highly recommended!"

Gan Xin Bei, Klang Valley, Student

"AECC Global is very professional in handling student visa applications. I would like to thank Ms Tan Mei Pei who has been so helpful with my visa application process. She was guiding me from the start until the very end, when my visa got approved. Ms Tan is a very detailed, meticulous, and efficient person. She knows all her information by heart and assisted me in a very smooth process. I would highly recommend AECC Global for any assistance required for student visa applications. AECC is very professional in handling all queries and they are very prompt in responding to them. Once again I must thank Ms Tan for responding to all my queries in a prompt manner, even if it was a holiday or weekend. She really went all out to help me and I’m so grateful to her."

Kaeshaelya Thiruchelvam, Klang Valley, Student

"A huge thank you to Ms. Tan Mei Pei for helping me to successfully get my student visa approved. She helped a lot and always replied just in few minutes which I like it very much! Also, she has a great personality and I am very pleased to have her as my agent for applying my student visa. Thank you AECC GLOBAL MALAYSIA once again!"

Eileen Hon, Klang Valley, Student

"Got assisted by Mun Yeu and I am very satisfied with the excellent service and prompt replies. Mun Yeu always available when I ask him about anything even on weekend and out of the office hours. I got everything done on time. I00% will recommend this to my juniors and friends💙"

Farah Fina, Klang Valley, Student

"Very helpful and friendly. Thanks Mun Yeu, for being available 24/7 and replying real quick for every enquiry."

Li Feng Tan, Terengganu, Student

"I was kind of in hesitant to contact them, but I'm glad I did. I received reply promptly after I whatsapp AECC, the representative, Miss Tan called to explain everything to me even after working hours. She has been very friendly, patient and thorough during the process, thanks to her it took only a week to have my student visa granted after submission. I strongly recommend contacting them if you have any problems when applying visa."

Serena Tan, Klang Valley, Student

"Mun Yeu was very efficient and helpful 🙂 thank you!"

Celeste Lim, United States, Student

"Highly recommended. I was guided by Mr Mun Yue on getting the Australian visa for my postgraduate study. He was able to guide me through the processes and quick to respond to my questions. Other than that, he provided me information on accommodation which was really helpful. Thank you!"

Kok Chun Chee, Klang Valley, Student

"Ms Tan had been very friendly n efficient in attending to my daughter application and has meticulously followed up reminding me on the due date n assisting step by step all the way. She’s done a good job and deserves a 5 star rating for her selfless service provided. Thank you again and to anyone who wants to send their kids overseas, this is a trusted agency without any disappointments👍👌."

Prem Dhillon, Klang Valley, Parent

"Services were very helpful, professional and reliable. Whole process of uni course application all the way to student visa was seamless and smooth. Special shoutout goes out to Mr Mun Yeu for helping from end to end. I'd recommend this place for sure!"

Felicia Chong, Klang Valley, Student

"AECC made the process to further my studies abroad very quick and easy for me as I didn’t have to do much at all. They took care of everything and advised me on all important information which I am thankful for. Nothing less than excellent service!"

Nicole Low, Klang Valley, Student

"Without AECC, I would not be at university right now. I was so lost and confused about the whole process about applying and which universities to apply for but any worries I had were quickly made gone by the really friendly agent. He helped me from start to finish with getting to university and I couldn't have done it without his support and resources from AECC. I just want to say thank you very much for all the help that you have given, I am deeply grateful to the services that you provided which I found to be top notch. Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to apply to NZ and Australia, their network and resources available are extremely helpful for the process of application."

Sean TEOW, Klang Valley, Student

"The agents were super responsive and informative throughout my visa application, couldn't have done it without them !! "

Lim Suh Ling, Klang Valley, Student

"Miracle happens, they got my student visa granted within one day. Helpful, friendly, efficient and kind, all thanks to Kylie Tan ~ thank you so much ~"

Henry Lim, Klang Valley, Student

"“AECC has been a key student recruitment partner for the University of Adelaide for the last 2 years. The partnership between both organisations has grown significantly not only in the SEA region but also to different parts of the world. I have always been impressed with AECC’s senior leadership focus on innovative marketing solutions and out of box thinking. The education counsellors are always well informed on university’s offerings and have catered to varied student needs. I look forward to continuing our valued partnership and help students to achieve their dream to study at The University of Adelaide ”"

Vivek Arora, Regional Manager (South East Asia) , The University of Adelaide

"I would definitely recommend going through this agency to assist you in your applications to universities abroad! My agent Mei Pei was very attentive and there were always a prompt reply from her even on weekends. I've approached many agents in Selangor and this is the best place. Thanks Mei Pei. Really appreciate your help"

Agalya Perumal, Klang Valley, Parent

"The staffs there are doing great. They work effectively and help out instantly whenever problems occur during the process of the visa. They also make sure to update me on the visa latest news. They are friendly too."

Kok Loong, Klang Valley, Student

"Excellent service in helping my son's application for his foundation program in Wellington. Highly recommended!! 😀"

Fandy Tjiptono, Indonesia, Parent

"The agents are all very helpful and well-informed. The guides provided was also very straightforward and user friendly."

Jamie Loi, Klang Valley, Student

"Very helpful, agent Miss Tan is polite and reply very fast even during weekend and night"

Kueh Tze Chien, Klang Valley, Student

"Ms Tan from AECC global was extremely helpful. Whenever I had questions, she would answer almost immediately, even on weekends or at night. I am so thankful for her and AECC Global's help. "

Erika Rao, Klang Valley, Student

"Services from AECC Global is very professional, efficient and the agents are very helpful. ( Special thanks to Ms.Tan Mei Pei) Personally, I was in a rush to apply for the university, visa and everything else. So, for me, everyday counts because things are very urgent. Luckily, Ms.Tan was always there to answer my tonnes of questions and help me with my problems even late at night and during holidays and weekends (mine is special case, never go last minute). Eventually, things managed to be sorted out in time. So, I really think AECC Global will be the best choice to go to if you need assistance in your further studies."

Ji Zhao Yeoh, Kedah, Student

"Services provided from AECC Global was professional especially on my brother's application for accommodation. Specially thanks to Mun Yue, who has given me a lot of suggestions, and putting in a lot of effort to help looking for room that I am required. In such a rushing period, he is manage to get my brother a room which is near to his uni, and trying his best to negotiate the latest lease date in order to save the cost which I deeply appreciated. Thank you so much for the good services!"

Shekyee Phang, Klang Valley, Student

"I would highly recommend, Ms. Mei Pei Tan has made sure the process of getting my Australian Visa run as smoothly as possible. She's willing to answer questions and is very quick to respond, not to mention very polite too. As mentioned before, I would highly recommend."

Heng Hao Jun, Klang Valley, Student

"Thank you so much to the team of agents at AECC Global Malaysia, especially Miss Tan Mei Pei and Mr Lai Mun Yeu for being so helpful throughout the entire visa application process! They really put in the time and effort in making sure that everything went smoothly! I did not hesitate to approach them with any queries that I had and they were always so prompt with their replies "

Gwendy Tan, Singapore, Student

"Highly recommend this agent if you're twinning to New Zealand universities. They guided me well through visa application process."

Khor Ni Chin, Klang Valley, Student

"💯💯💯 Very recommended. Efficient and excellent service. Ms Tan is very patience person. She deserves a 5 Star on her service. She and the rest of AECC team will help and guide you you with everything. Start from choosing the right university until visa processing stage. Highly recommended for those who want to study in New Zealand and Australia(for my case). Thanks to their patience and persistence, I can surther my study, doing Master of Finance at UNSW.🤩🤩🤩"

Ammar Khasif, Klang Valley, Student

"Extremely helpful! Every time I had a problem or a question, agents were readily available and very efficient in replying. The whole process of applying went without a hitch thanks to them :D"

Michelle Ng, Klang Valley, Student

"Mr Lai Mun Yeu is very approachable and helpful in assisting the process of visa application. The visa application guide provided is also a highlight which makes the online application straightforward and hassle-free."

Chee Sharon, Klang Valley, Student

"AECC Global is a different education provider where they really go the extra mile to help you. They have very experienced education consultants where they can help you to solve your doubt throughout the application. Specially thanks to my consultant Kylie Tan, she hold my hand throughout the way from my university choice, application, personal statement, visa and accommodation. Thank you so much for the good service"

Lim Zhi Wei, Klang Valley, Student

"Aecc global have been tremendous in helping me achieve my dream to further my study at another country they provide a good serving in helping me on all sort of thing to make my education be fulfill"

Shazwan Salim, Johor, Student

"I highly recommend AECC to those who want to study overseas. The agents are hardworking and efficient in helping you to get your visa and university application done. Not only that, they even offer advice to you if you're unsure of what course to take or if you're unsure of which university to go to. They are knowledgeable and are willing to explain and answer with clarity whatever questions you have. My agent, Mei Pei was an amazing agent. She constantly reminded me about my deadlines and was quick to answer my questions even after working hours. It can be seen, from the way she talks to me, that she, as well as the other agents at AECC genuinely do care for you and your visa and university applications. Throughout my entire application process, there were no major problems that came about and I'm glad that whatever problem I had, was dealt with quickly together with Mei Pei. Thank you so much!"

Abigail Tan, Melaka, Student

"Got assisted by Mun Yeu. He was indeed an excellent person! He helped me so much in getting the information about my universities, guided me thoroughly through the process of application to universities in Australia. He has definitely helped ease my journey to apply for visa and university alongside with studying abroad. In addition, I am aware that only AECC would refund the cost incurred for the visa application. so, again, a win. 10/10 would recommend AECC to anyone who needs consultation to fly abroad."

Syikin Rahman, Klang Valley, Student

"The staff (Ms Tan) of AECC Global who guided me is very helpful and efficient. There is no delay in anything or any inconvenience. Her work was all up to date. AECC Global is a very good choice if you are considering studies abroad."

Thiru Jasmi, Klang Valley, Student

"Miss Kylie from AECC Global Malaysia helped me put my fears and concerns away and guided me all through and through my application. She is very efficient with her work. (Getting my eCoe, visa, etc) All my questions and concerns were taken and discussed immediately. She is very motivating, helpful and very encouraging. Thank you for all the guidance and support, from beginning until the end! 😘"

Chua Su Jane, Klang Valley, Student

"AECC Global is the best agency that anyone could ever go to if you ever need any advice and help to pursue your studies overseas. Ms Kylie Tan have helped me a lot and she has been very patient with the millions of questions I asked. She always answers questions with full details and she would elaborate further even if we didn’t ask to. Through this , it shows her care and dedication towards students who are ever willing to pursue their studies overseas. She is very kind , respond immediately whenever she can. One of the best agent I have ever met and definitely a must to seek AECC Global for help. You won’t regret!"

Joshua Kang Jun Han, Klang Valley, Student

"As soon as you walk in to Aecc Global office you are greeted by the most friendliest staff. My whole experience with Aecc Global has been wonderful, a special shout out goes to Mr. Lai Mun Yeu. He is the most helpful, kind, considerate, knowledgeable and patient education counsellor I have ever come across. My whole experience with Aecc was smooth, easy and fast. I would recommend Aecc Global in a heartbeat.."

R Sidhu, Klang Valley, Student

"A bunch of professional individuals that make things so much more easier and convenient for applicants. Kudos !"

Jeshurun Nesaraj, Perak, Student

"Extremely helpful! Mr. Lai Mun Yeu helped us through out all the processes required for university application and everything went as smoothly as we hoped. Highly recommended!"

Amaan Aamir, Klang Valley, Student

"AECC Global made the visa application process as smooth as possible and were very efficient. Highly recommend!"

Gillian Kho, Klang Valley, Student

"Highly recommend AECC for someone need info for further overseas and thanks to Mun Yeu for all the assist of all time. Great respond and efficient."

Kai Yan Lim, Klang Valley, Student

"My visa journey is not a smooth one due to some external problems, however, my agent visa is really responsible and professional. He handle my case very well! Thanks AECC!"

Syazwani Shahrom, Klang Valley, Student

"I would definitely recommend AECC GLOBAL to those who wish to pursue their education abroad. What can I say? The services provided to students are just too good. My education agent, Ms KYLIE TAN has assisted me from the start in providing all the information I need to decide my future course that I would be enrolling in. Such a fine and organized lady. She's done almost everything in a very systematic way, with a very vibrant and positive attitude. She's also empathetic to a students' situation and would be able to give the best advice in terms of education according to the students' capacity. On numerous occasions, she had kept me updated regarding my applications and paperwork even during public holidays and at times, she would even reply to my messages out of her usual working hours... Ms Kylie Tan has a fine approachable attitude and personality that I believe, has made it easy in terms of communication with clients.. that banter she has with her clients definitely is a factor in ensuring a good flow of processes for applications of studying abroad.. Once again, I would highly recommend AECC GLOBAL!!"

Ashvinder Kaur HARBAJAN SINGH, Klang Valley, Student

"Aecc is the best agent that I've gone to so far. Without them, going overseas wouldn't be an easy process. Mr. Lai is very helpful and he definitely helped me through every step of the process and he is also very patient.In addition to that, he is also very responsive and helpful. Therefore, AECC Global is the best agency to go to."

Amelianna Alfred Domnic, Klang Valley, Student

"5 stars for AECC Global Malaysia. I am glad meeting Ms. Tan Mei Pei and grateful for receiving such a professional assistance and dedication from her throughout my uni application process till the end. I would strongly suggest Aecc global is the best,reliable and helpful staff around in providing fast and accurate information and valuable service.Thank you Ms.Tan."

Jagathiswary RENGANATHAN, Klang Valley, Student

"It has been a very positive time working with AECC Global Malaysia and they are one of RMIT University’s valuable partner. Their team is well equipped and trained to provide clear and precise advise to our prospective students and our student had pleasant experience with them. We are happy to continue working with AECC Global Malaysia for the years to come. "

Stephanie Ang, Recruitment Manager (Malaysia & Singapore), RMIT University

"I never have difficulties working with AECC team. They understand my needs and vice versa, helping each other to achieve result we both wanted. AECC for me is refreshing, versatile and always think out of the box. I truly appreciate the high quality of work AECC has provided. "

Marcus Teo, Senior Regional Officer, The University of Newcastle

"As a student to apply on your own you get confused with all the university applications. With AECC they explain the course materials and requirements very well. Eventhough I had a cramped submission within about a month and a half away. AECC helped me take care of it and now I am on my way to university. Truly unbelievable. They have excellent agents always constantly keeping you update and informing you about the next step. 👍👍"

Wan Johan Razlan, Klang Valley, Student

"I had one of the best education consultant named mun yue. I emailed AECC and Mun Yue responded to me immediately and he kept responding to all my small and big questions and explained to me many times till I understood. I decided to meet him and he was nice. I then made up my choice to do veterinary science in Murdoch and Mun Yue helped me with all my application and visa. I got it done so fast and I’m so happy for that. Mun yue would also always reply to any of my questions and at any time of the day even at 10pm at night! He helped me so much and I’m so grateful I am now achieving my dream to be a vet in australia! Thank you AECC GLOBAL and especially Mun Yue!!"

Sasha Menezes, Sabah, Student

"AECC Global is a very efficient and outstanding firm in the industry to ensure every student experienced a trouble free and convenient to enter several countries including Australia!! Special thanks to one of the skillful agent, Mun Yue for assisting me applying through my university as I was having a hard time to decide which university to enter as well as the courses to choose but he was very helpful. He has narrowed down all the possible options which makes it easier for me to make the decision!! The services are well done, definitely can’t get any better!"

Desmond Tee, Klang Valley, Student

"Ms Tan Mei Pei has been very helpful & efficient in guiding me in my australia visa application process. She oversaw every single step of the application from booking my biometrics appointment and checking for the documents to be linked to my immi application. She checked for updates everyday and always updated me, she was very friendly and warm too. I felt safe and assured to have her as my visa application agent."

Catherine Ng, Klang Valley, Student

"AECC is one of Curtin’s key and best performing partner in West Malaysia. The team is friendly, experienced, efficient and always goes the extra mile for the students. Innovative and targeted in their recruitment approach, AECC Malaysia provides quality applications and high conversion rate. Thank you AECC Malaysia for your valued support "

Corrinne Li, Regional Recruitment Manager, Curtin University

"We encountered excellent, friendly & efficient service by our AECC agent, Mun Yue. His professional & patient guidance played an important role in getting my son enrolled into a prestigious university in Sydney within 1.5 month from our first consultation with him. Received valuable advice & assistance on student insurance & accommodation too. He promptly answers all our queries even after regular working hours and walked the extra mile to assist us even during his CNY break. We would highly recommend AECC Global and our agent, Mun Yue. Very happy with the service rended to us. Keep up the excellence, AECC!"

Stella Au, Klang Valley, Parent

"Very efficient and helpful. Thanks to AECC, the whole process was done quickly and smoothly without even having to go their office. Special thanks to Ms Mei Pei Tan for being available to answer my questions at any time. Definitely recommend it to everyone."

Renuka Muralidharan, Singapore, Student

"Responsive, efficient, professional - there is no other way to describe AECC's services. Their experience and expertise are an absolute must-have when applying for a visa to study abroad. I would like to thank Ms Tan Mei Pei for making sure my visa application process went smoothly, as it should be."

Daniel Wong, Sabah, Student

"Very great and helpful service by AECC, assists me through the whole process. Especially thanks to Mun Yeu, thanks for the effort."

Han Jie, Klang Valley, Student

"AECC Global is very efficient and reliable. We were guided every step of the way until the visa was approved. Thank you very much Mei Pei for your patience and follow up, even on Sundays and when you were on leave!"

Teng Jin Ai, Penang, Parent

"Great service and extremely helpful! Don't even have to worry about travelling to their centre. Thanks a lot! Definitely recommended @MeiPei"

Lim Zhi Ying, Klang Valley, Student

"AECC Global is a very reliable, efficient and professional in their dealing with my husband's student visa to Tasmania. Special thanks to Mei Pei who has helped us in our visa application including continously following up with the Australian government. We are truly thankful to Mei Pei for her commitment and dedication!. We strongly recommend AECC Global for your partner in visa application or enrolment to any University in Australia. Well Done AECC Global!!!"

Fazlinda Kassim, Klang Valley, Student

"I would highly recommend going to AECC Global if you are keened in studying abroad. Ms. Kylie was an amazing agent, she guided me and sorted out the application process well. I also managed to obtain my VISA within two weeks, which was pretty swift and suprising. Everything was done professionally. Thank you!"

Asriana Arts, Klang Valley, Student

"Highly recommended for those who wanted to apply visa. Mr Lai was very helpful in assisting me to complete the application. It was a smooth process."

Mohamad Hasrizan Hassan, Klang Valley, Student

"Mr Lai from AECC is very helpful and assisted me throughout my whole visa application with lots of patience. Highly recommended! "

Amelia Lim, Klang Valley, Student

"Special thanks to Mr Lai Mun Yeu in helping me for the application of visa. It’s a hard one indeed due to some issues happened that we have never foreseen it before. Thanks for your patient and I appreciate this so much!"

Christal Chen, Johor Bahru, Student

"Mun Yue my agent helped me and guided me through all the process from day 1 until I received my visa. He was patient and accommodating of my situation. AECC global have a mobile service so he came to meet me near my home to help me with the GTE when I couldn’t make it to the office. It was one of the perks of going to AECC global. They will guide you through every step and make all the process a breeze, I would be clueless without Mun Yue’s guidance. Got my student Visa approved only a week after applying! So lucky that I found AECC global as it was only by chance that I discovered AECC global, I sent service enquiries to AECC and to another education agent but did not receive any replies from the other agency until later on but AECC global replied to me almost immediately. So glad that I made the right decision to use AECC’s services instead. If you want prompt replies to questions and a very personalized service AECC Global is the one for you. A 5 star worthy services indeed. Like"

Nurain Ayna Noormustafa Kamal, Melaka, Student

"AECC Global has been very helpful to me and I must give my most sincere gratitude to Ms. Tan Mei Pei for taking the time out of her day even at odd hours to guide me through the entire process of applying overseas and getting my student visa. Again, I am very thankful to Ms. Mei Pei and for all her help :)"

Trideep Lal Das, Klang Valley, Student

"Was applying for my Australia visa and the agents were very helpful and efficient. In addition, they're very responsive whenever I have any questions. My visa application process was smooth and got it within a week."

Victoria Choo, Klang Valley, Student

"AECC global was very helpful with my whole visa application process guiding me on the proper steps to apply for a visa as well as arranging the necessary documents for a visa application. The staff are also very friendly and accommodating with a very admirable work ethic, managing to arrange several appointments on a very short notice while others might have trouble with such an ordeal. Staff are also very communicative and open throughout the visa application process and are willing to accommodate calls or messages shortly after sending them. The staff also monitored the status of the visa application after the visa application is submitted and notify you on the status of the visa application. Throughout the visa application process with AECC global I could not find a single criticism about the office or the staff. I heartily recommend that students with difficulties or have any trouble with applying for student visas nominate AECC global staff as an agent for liason between the university as well as the immigration department."

William Chung, Klang Valley, Student

"It was some months ago when I first approached AECC with an interest to study in Australia. I was attended by Kylie Tan who was a fantastic consultant. She was very warm and friendly, and knowledgeable about the various institutions and options available to me. Kylie was superb in her follow ups and I got speedy response from the institutions I applied to. Thanks again Kylie and I really do appreciate your effort and kind advice."

Sharilyn Sjc, Klang Valley, Student

"Luckily I found AECC Global. Ms Kylie was so helpful throughout the student visa application process. She guided me and responded to my messages very quickly. Thank you for your kindness. I got my visa in 2 weeks which was super fast. Highly recommended👍"

Revathi Sundaram, Klang Valley, Student

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